Outlook 2007/10 + Borders = Pain

I thought I had everything sorted when it comes to Outlook 2007 and 2010, but I forgot the fact that it can be so weird about borders.

The two things I learned today are:

1. Always remember to use border-collapse: collapse on your tables in Outlook, and

2. When Outlook is displaying a 2px border when you asked for a 0px border, remember that (weirdly) shorthand works better for borders in ALL email clients.

This page really helped me out — turns out that, unlike any other attributes, borders benefit from being written in shorthand, i.e:

border-top: 1px solid #000000;

So there you go. That eliminated all of my woes in Outlook, where I was trying to specify a border-bottom-width of 0px.


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Nicole Merlin

I'm an HTML email designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia. I love email, design, typography, calligraphy and curling up with a book.

  • i am facing a problem in email content can u help me

  • JC

    Thanks Nicole. Was having issues with borders and Outlook (big surprise!). This was really helpful.

  • Peter Horsman

    This doesn’t work in Outlook these days. Don’t suppose anyone knows of an update to this?

  • The way that the Campaign Monitor CSS inliner expands border styling always works perfectly for me. Type whatever you’ve got into it (eg , and it should convert it to something that works (eg )

    Here’s the link: http://inliner.cm/

  • Román Díaz Peláez

    Hi, i wonder if you could help me, outlook is showing table borders but not image borders, then i tried in a mac with safari using the send html funcition, now image borders are showing but not table borders, its driving me crazy, i tried using the link you sent to change the code but nothing. Im using outlook 2013. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Hey Román, Outlook is notoriously bad for applying borders to images! You need to wrap each image in a simple table, and then apply the border to the table.