Images off for Etsy

Etsy’s transactional emails look pretty neat on desktop with images off. The CTA is still accessible, and their logo’s alt text is in their brand orange. Making a good impression with images off can, annoyingly, be quite important! Most importantly it shows that the content and the design can be separated and that their message makes sense in pure text. This suggests a good level of clarity in their transactional emails.

Etsy's email with images off

Keeping it positive

They’ve also done well to use positive language in saying “View this email online” rather than starting with a negative, and saying “Can’t view this email? Click here to see it online.” Every ounce of positivity contributes to a good tone in your emails!


It’s not responsive, which is sad. It is pretty usable on mobile, though. As long as there is plenty of space around a CTA, it is pretty safe. The text is pretty teeny, even though they have done well to use bold to call out important copy.

Etsy's email on iPhone


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