Aeon magazine’s cross-platform email design

Aeon is one of my favourite online magazines; they have really fascinating articles, a reader-friendly (responsive) site and lots of other wonderful features such as spoken audio versions of their articles that represent their deep commitment to the user.

Their emails reflect this commonsense approach to design in their large, open, single-column design. They’re not responsive but instead are quite narrow with a large font size which means that they work well across devices. I actually love super-large text on desktop so I quite enjoy it when emails are designed this way. Give me 20px type any day.

Also, very importantly, their copy is very short. The perfect amount of copy to get readers to transfer through to the site.

Screen capture of Aeon's weekly email
Aeon’s weekly Editor’s Picks email has lovely huge type

Mobile view

Screen apture of Aeon's email on an iPhone

The experience continues on their website

Upon receiving this lovely email you will, most importantly, be taken to their site which also works beautifully across devices because it’s fully responsive. The text is a great size, the typefaces are lovely (if a little large on my iPhone), and overall it’s just a lovely experience. One of my favourite features is their audio recordings of articles — they produce these readings and make them available on Soundcould or iTunes. The read later or add to Kindle button is also a lovely touch. I love being given options to read later and take content away with me, so Aeon are obviously pretty savvy about the way people want to consume information these days — all over the place.

Screen grab of icons on Aeon's page
Aeon’s article headers contain links to audio recordings of each article and a read later/send to Kindle link



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