Why creating beautiful, responsive emails is not a waste of time

Sometimes I have to explain why it’s important to spend the time and money on creating beautiful, robust, responsive HTML email templates—and this blows my mind.

To me, it seems obvious that well designed, well built emails should be what everyone is aiming for, all the time. To convince others, a graph is required.

Blue Hornet’s latest study, Consumer Views of Email Marketing (PDF), was a study of 1,000 US citizens who were asked about various aspects of email marketing. The results are in! These are my personal favourites.

1. People hate emails that don’t render well on mobile

What people do with emails that don't look good

2. People will indeed think less of you if your email is ugly

75% of consumers say a poorly designed email negatively affects their perception of a brand.

3. If you want to email everyone, you need to have something to say, and not want to say it too often.

Why Consumers unsubscribe

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