SitePoint’s brand new website & email newsletters


SitePoint recently redesigned their website and I was lucky enough to play a small part in the process as their email developer. I used Lead Designer Pete Bakacs’ designs and worked with the team to build a modular & responsive Campaign Monitor template for their newsletters.

The results are pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself! Check out the latest Design newsletter on Litmus Scope.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.17.51 AM


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Nicole Merlin

I'm an HTML email designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia. I love email, design, typography, calligraphy and curling up with a book.

  • Thanos

    Looks great!

  • Thanks Thanos! I agree. It was a great design to work with.

  • Antonio Almeida

    Hi Nicole. Really good EDMs resources in your blog. Thank you!
    I am just wondering what is the support like for @fonts?


  • Hi Antonio, thanks so much!

    They will work on Android*, iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Sparrow/Mailbox), Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2011 on Mac, Gmail in Chrome (Mac) and some installations of Outlook Express. All other clients display your fallback font.

    *Gmail and Mail. Fonts must be an installed Android-compatible font: Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Open Sans or Roboto. I think Roboto, being the newest Android typeface, will only work on newer versions of Android that have it installed.

  • Antonio Almeida

    Cool! Better than I thought.
    Thank you. Please keep posting 🙂

  • Will do mate! Thanks for reading! 🙂

  • Antonio Almeida

    Hi Nicole.
    What is the purpose of using the tag? is this necessary?


  • Hi Antonio,

    Yes, this is necessary when you are using remotely hosted web fonts. Using the font face tag prevents Outlook from displaying Times New Roman instead of your fallback font. I am posting a roundup guide to web fonts in the next day or two with everything you need to know about that!

  • Antonio Almeida

    Awesome stuff.

  • Sam Sexton

    Great work, quick question, do the responsive tables work ok in Outlook 07+?

  • Hi Sam, absolutely. Outlook 07+ is a must!

  • junniramey

    Will you please tel me the name and model of the cell phone in the pic? 🙂 please

  • It’s an HTC One. The original one (not the mini or the max).

  • junniramey

    Thanks o Lot 🙂