The 2013 Litmus Email Design Conference

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I just made the extremely last-minute decision to fork out the dosh and attend the Litmus Email Design Conference in London in October! I am very excited to attend and mingle with all my email-loving mates from around the world.

If you also have impeccable taste and decide to attend the conference in London, I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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Nicole Merlin

I'm an HTML email designer and developer from Melbourne, Australia. I love email, design, typography, calligraphy and curling up with a book.

  • Nathan Clough

    Hi Nicole,

    I’m going to be attending on behalf of NVIDIA. We’re passionate about taking our responsive email to the next level, hence my attendance, but I love your enthusiasm.

    How do you fancy networking at the event, getting a few of us together on the Monday evening and going nuts about all things responsive?

    Best Regards,
    Nathan Clough, Digital Marketing Coordinator (EMEAI)

  • Hi Nathan, sorry for the slow reply! I’d love to catch up in London, I have plans with some London friends on the Monday but I am in town for the whole week so I am sure we can work something out! Send me an email if you like:

  • Hi Nicole,

    Unfortunately as of 6 months ago I left my apartment in Central London to join NVIDIA, so I’ll only be available on Monday evening staying at Ibis Hotel, Blackfriars (which is more like Waterloo, false adveritsing!). No worries, I’ll just keep an ear out for an Ozzie accent between seminars! 😀

    All The Best,

  • Oh no! Well I’ll see what I can do between now and then 🙂

  • Yes, absolutely. I may be, like yourself, tied up that evening too, but I’m sure we’ll have breaks in between. Goodness knows how many of us there will be at this event…