Dailymile’s Pro Announcement Email

From: dailymile
Subject: Introducing the all new PRO from dailymile

Dailymile’s Pro announcement email is quite nice — I like the subtle ‘vintage’ style and distressing. It’s quite out of line with the actual landing page, though, which is the epitome of dribbble polish.

A few weird things — their ‘view online’ link just takes you straight to the landing page, not an online version of the email, which is kind of annoying. Secondly, their secondary CTA in the copy is a tiny text link which should have also been a button, it’s easy to miss especially on mobile. At least it does have plenty of space around it to allow for easy finger tapping on the ol’ iPhone or Android. Finally, it’s a bit weird that their logo doesn’t appear anywhere on the email. Perhaps this was an oversight, or it could have been on purpose — there appears to be a bit of rebranding going on.